Every person deserves to feel confident and radiant in their own skin. A New View Photography is LGBTQ+ friendly and encourages every person to explore boudoir and customize your session to represent you as the amazing human you are! With 3 package options to assist you in feeling your best for your session, you will enjoy a luxurious experience being pampered and gain the confidence that lives within you. Please complete the form below to chat more about the experience and to access my private VIP group and sample galleries.

Come as you are


This package is for those who don't want to be anything but raw. No professional hair and makeup, just you, me, and some individualized poses to help you shine. 15 digital images included that you get to select yourself!



The pampered package is for those that may want to cut a bit of cost by doing their own makeup, but still want the pampering of the professional hair and client closet perks! 20 images included that you get to select yourself!



Bring on the bold makeup, the fierce hair, the expert styling, the water effects, the bodyscapes, the UV lights, the unique posing, and the sexiest more luxurious of sessions. Whatever you're dreaming, it can be done with this session! Includes professional hair and makeup, client closet, and specialty set access. 30 Images with a full gallery upgrade discount, and a hand designed little black book to keep or gift!